AANM Artist Focus

Art takes all sorts of shapes and forms. And the same can be said for Artists. In the ADNM Artist Focus we introduce you to some of the amazing artists from our membership, their stories, and their art.

daphneennsDaphne Enns

In 2008, when Susan Gibson invited people to attend her community art piece “The SPARK Initiative”, my connection as an artist in the arts was tenuous at best.  Read More

debpattersonDebbie Patterson

I have been an artist longer than I have been disabled. Learning to cope with a disability and to adapt my artistic practice to my changing abilities has been a solitary process.  Read More

headNora Turenne

I just had my first solo art exhibition “Identity Theft” at Artbeat Studio in Winnipeg.  In this body of work I explored how mental illness is the biggest thief of all when it comes to identity theft.  Read More

nigel1Nigel Bart

Nigel Bart, BFA, is the Founder and Studio Facilitator of Artbeat Studio Inc. Music and art play a large role in Nigel’s life and were a great resource in his recovery after the onset of schizophrenia at the age of 19.  Read More

headshotAngel Calnek

As many people know, being a physically or mentally challenged artist has its ups and downs, like riding a roller coaster.  Unfortunately, some times the roller coaster has a hard time getting up the hill to reap the thrill of the descent!  Read More

harry Harry Paine

We didn’t exactly live in poverty but then in my day poverty was somewhat relative I suppose, we were no better nor were we any worse than all the other working class people in the community.  Read More

rondinipicRon Dini

Starting late in 2008, Ron has had a rough few years: 2 heart attacks, a cancer and a half, and a few other things that put him in the hospital, at death’s door. All in the last 4 years!  Read More