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Including artists and audiences with disabilities into all facets of the arts community.

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Books to Purchase

Sweet without Sugar is s children’s book that explores life through the eyes of a child with autism, by a student and self-published author, Tamika Reid.

Tamika’s Book is available for purchase at the AANM office for $15.

Darla-Jean O’Rourke is a rural author. To learn more about Lil Irish Book Beat in your Lil Irish community, visit us at

Darla’s book !mY imaginatioN worlD is available for purchase at the AANM office for $23

Inspire has created a children’s book that allows children and youth to talk about their own neurological or psychological differences, things such as ADHD, anxiety, autism, or PTSD. The book’s tone is positive, communicating that minds being different is ok, even good for ourselves and our communities.

All Kinds of Minds can be purchased here!  $22 for the soft cover and $30 for the hardcover. All of the proceeds are being donated to the Board of Education. Copies of these books will be purchased for school libraries.

About Inspire

At Inspire Community Outreach, we support youth and families with unique challenges and celebrate strengths. We provide evidence informed, culturally safe, family-centered education and programming, designed to meet the needs of those living with mental health issues or neurological/cognitive differences.

Our Vision: “For all families to have access to responsive support that empowers families to thrive.”
Our Mission: “To provide inclusive, evidence-based support, that honors lived experience, for families who live with neurological differences and mental health concerns.”

Contact us at or 204-996-1547

Learn more at

“Compassion. Education. Inclusion.”

Miranda Kudajczyk is a Polish/Metis artist. The book is a compilation of poems and paintings inspired by nature.

Miranda’s Book is available for purchase at the AANM office for $20.

The Mountain Within by Frances Kaspick

Her Book is available for purchase for $25.

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