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Kim Kitchen

Photograph of Kim Kitchen on a path in a forest.  Kim is a white woman with medium length curly brown hair. Kim is wearing grey sweater over a colourful shirt, black pants and brown boots. Kim uses a scooter that is blue and black
Kim Kitchen, photograph with Meredith Buckley, 2021
Photograph of Kim Kitchen from an upper perspective looking down on Kim. Kim is standing near a lake at the bottom of a rocky cliff. Kim is nude and is spreading out a large turquoise sheet that is billowing in the wind.
Standing Silk, photograph with Liz Lott, 2022

Kim Kitchen is a multidisciplinary artist, currently working in audio and film as a result of a debilitating and transformative illness. She explores collective cultural understandings of the female body, it’s intersections with and presence within the natural world. Her practice has been largely tactile, focused on painting, sculpture, installation and performance.

She now engages her practice of critical inquiry of body/land relations and the self reflexive relationship between ability and artistic production through largely multimedia approaches. With significant changes in mobility, old spaces become unknown insofar as the body must learn anew how to navigate through them. The familiar becomes unfamiliar: the body is tasked with relearning how to exist, reaching out in changed, renewed and ever-urgent ways through creativity.

Kim’s community activism is inclusive, celebratory, and exuberant. In contrast, her work is introspective, thoughtful, and prompts quiet reflection. Now more than ever, interdependence is fundamental for this disabled artist.


Facebook: Kim Kitchen In the Studio

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