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Including artists and audiences with disabilities into all facets of the arts community.

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AANM Guiding Principles

Artists with disabilities encounter barriers everyday – structural obstacles, physical disadvantages or the attitudinal barriers of others. It’s hard for a professional artist to practice their art in a world that’s not accessible.

Arts AccessAbilityNetwork Manitoba has a vision – the full inclusion of artists and audiences with disabilities into all facets of the arts community.

We want to celebrate the outstanding artistic merit and inclusion of artists with disabilities in all disciplines of the arts – music, dance, theatre, visual art, and so many others.

Demonstrate how artists are expressing their creativity despite barriers and inspire not only artists with disabilities, but all ‘temporarily able-bodied’ stakeholders to take to heart the mantra ‘arts for all’ which defines Winnipeg as a cultural capital of Canada and embraces our city’s rich and diverse arts community.

AANM believes disability informs and enriches an artist’s creative expression as well as brings new perspective to the world we share. Without sentimentality or stereotype, authentic creations showing their challenges enable those artists to contribute to society by reducing social exclusion, ending isolation, confronting, disrupting, and reshaping our world.

The shared achievements and celebration of the unflinching voices of artists who work with and not in spite of their differences.

At AANM, we believe that Arts and Disability Culture will prove to be a major shaping force of the 21st century. We are excited to be at the forefront of this societal change. We’ve successfully introduced the Arts and Disability Culture to Winnipeg. We have so much more to offer and present! With the help and support of our members and the many others interested in our organization, we’ll have no problem authenticating and celebrating our cause.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest and
Board, Staff and Committee Member Contract Fees

Members of the Board, Staff and Committees of AANM are expected to adhere to a high standard of professional integrity. Personal gain and advancement shall not conflict with duty to AANM. Members of the Board, Staff and Committees are responsible for declaring any potential or actual conflict of interest, and recusing themselves from discussion in such cases. Any conflict of interest will be noted in the official minutes.

Members of the Board, Staff and Committees of AANM cannot contribute to AANM programming and award nomination decisions that benefit or could be perceived to benefit them. Other examples of conflict of interest include acceptance of personal gifts beyond moderate courtesy, making purchases that benefit oneself and not the organization, and making public statements (written or verbal) that are in conflict with AANM’s mandate and practices.

Members of the Board, Staff and Committees of AANM are disallowed from being considered for any paid contract from AANM if contracted work falls within the expected duties of their positions as AANM Board, Staff or Committee Member.

The Board, Staff and Committee Members of AANM can be hired on a contract basis for duties outside of or beyond the norm, under the conditions that:

-specific circumstances make them the best candidate for the position
-all decisions made regarding this employment are made in their absence -the yearly value of the contract position(s) does not exceed $5,000.00.

The Board may make an exception to these provisions in extraordinary circumstances.

All decisions regarding contract employment of AANM Board, Staff and Committee Members are made with the Board’s knowledge and approval.

Human Resource Policy

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Privacy Policy

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Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba collects personally identifying information only when it is knowingly provided. This information remains strictly confidential, and is not shared with other individuals or organizations under any circumstances.

Publications Policy

Microsoft Word – Publications Policy.doc

AANM undertakes publication projects, including the publication of critical writing in the AANM newsletter and website, in order to:

  • create a forum for discussion of ideas
  • contribute to scholarship on issues pertaining to artists with disabilities
  • promote the work of artists with disabilities
  • encourage critical writing and discourse in the AANMcommunity
  • provide opportunities and remuneration for artists and/or writers AANM publications and co-publications can exist in print or on-line, and may take the form of books, broadsheets, brochures, posters, postcards or other ephemera. Publications Procedure AANM publications are created on an ad hoc basis, with the exception of the newsletter, which is printed and posted on-line quarterly, and disseminated to the membership.
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