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Including artists and audiences with disabilities into all facets of the arts community.

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This is a black on white blueprint describing the AANM Gallery/Office space layout.  Gallery Wall #1 is 144" long.  Gallery Wall #2 is 114" long.

This is a photo of the AANM Gallery displaying Kelly Haydon's prints.  The walls are white.
Artwork by Kelly Haydon
This is a photo of five people viewing Kelly Haydon's printwork displayed on the AANM Gallery walls.
Artwork by Kelly Haydon








AANM Gallery is currently hosting shows on a monthly basis and is booked until January 2023. We show work by artists who have disabilities, and endeavour to make our shows as accessible as possible. Service animals are welcome, pets are not. We ask that visitors refrain from using scented products for the safety of those with sensitivities. Our building is wheelchair accessible, we have accessible washrooms, and on request we offer ASL interpretive tours, remote tours, loud or quiet viewing, and description/descriptive text of each artwork. To arrange for these or other accessibility services, contact Jenel Shaw at 204-336-2366 or


Members of the public are welcome to drop by to view the work we show  in our gallery. During openings, we provide some snacks that don’t require plates, and some non-alcoholic bottled drinks.  Both are free, and you help yourself. Fidget toys, AANM pens, and AANM temporary tattoos are also available for free. We also offer AANM keychains and pins for sale, and books for sale. You are not obligated to buy anything.  Our office is in a corner of the gallery. A staff person will be in the space. You can chat with us, request accessibility services (please request services like ASL translation 2 weeks ahead of time), ask questions, or just silently look at the artwork.

C2 Centre for Craft Gallery is just across the hallway from us:

Now showing in AANM Gallery to May 31, 2022:

This is a poster advertising a show of artwork by Kelly Haydon. In plain black text in the top left corner is the show’s title: WE ARE NOT SEPARATE. Below, smaller lettering reads: “opens May 6, 2022, 102-329 Cumberland Ave, Winnipeg, and”. The poster’s aesthetic consists of layered slices from Kelly Haydon’s various prints. In the top image, the head and shoulders of a snowy owl is visible, white and black against a rose-coloured background. Directly below is a slim slice of another print consisting of some nonsensical typewritten text, and a short zipper. The third image ‘layer’ is the largest; against a dusty grey backdrop, a delicate white tree grows upwards from the stomach of a white figure prone on the ground. Kelly Haydon’s name in large black text is positioned against the tree trunk. The figure appears to be lying on the next image slice, a black and white brick office building against an azure sky. The final, bottom image, is a print of a black and white brick building against a yellow background, with a herd of black bison silhouettes ambling by in the foreground. The logos of Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba and Canada Council for the Arts are in the bottom corner.

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