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Including artists and audiences with disabilities into all facets of the arts community.

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(102-329 Cumberland Ave, Winnipeg)

We show work by artists who have disabilities and d/Deaf artists.


Opening October 6, 6-9pm and running until October 27

Images will be projected larger-than-life on the exterior of our building during the opening as well as displayed in our gallery.

Digital drawings by Jude Palace

“I Do Not Make Art for Anyone; I Make Art for You.”

This is a poster advertising Jude Palace’s digital drawing show at AANM Gallery102-329 Cumberland Avenue, opening October 6 from 6-9pm, and available online at These details are displayed in lines of plain, bright high-contrast text, sandwiched between slices sampled from Palace’s work, along with the logos of the funder, Canada Council for the Arts, and AANM, as well as the title of the show, “I Do Not Make Art for Anyone; I Make Art for You.” Palace’s work is busy, exuberant, tragic, and appears as a chaotic jumble of bright colours, creating an intriguing narrative. Visible in the top image detail is a young, blonde boy with large blue eyes, calmly meeting our gaze, as the hands of someone in a white sweater studded with red hearts grasps his chin and hair as if preparing to wrench his head violently. The background is bright red with abstract lines snaking among orange and yellow star/explosions. In the image below that, we see a blue tiger sitting regally on a pink shabby sofa. A snake patterned with red, orange, and black is seen entering through a window and baring its fangs towards the tiger, who is sporting an award ribbon on his furry chest. The bottom image depicts a young Black boy in a yellow cap and green jacket, turning to meet our eye over his shoulder. On his collar in orange font is the word ‘lonely,’ in which the ‘o’ is denoted by a daisy. The boy is touching a wall calendar set to November, with a hand displaying bloody knuckles and multiple bandaids.


When we have a show up, members of the public are welcome to attend openings the first Friday of each month from 6pm to 8pm (specific info is provided on event posters), or to drop by to view the artwork Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm. Entrance is free.  Please call 204-336-2366 to ensure the gallery is open, as we close intermittently when working offsite.

This is a photo of the AANM Gallery's white walls, displaying the graphic artwork of Troy Lindstrom in black frames.
Artwork by Troy Lindstrom
This is a photo of five people viewing Kelly Haydon's printwork displayed on the AANM Gallery walls.
Artwork by Kelly Haydon




This is a photo of the AANM Gallery.  Artwork by lita b. is on the white walls.  In the corner is a white cupboard.  Along the wall next to the cupboard is a shelf with colourful books, below a window.
Artwork by lita b.


We try to make our shows as accessible as possible. Service animals are welcome, pets are not. We ask that visitors refrain from using scented products for the safety of those with sensitivities. Our building is wheelchair accessible, we have accessible washrooms, and on request we offer ASL interpretive tours, remote tours, loud or quiet viewing, and description/descriptive text of each artwork. To arrange for these or other accessibility services, contact Jenel Shaw at       204-336-2366 or

The ramp access is on the East side of the building. To open the accessible door at the top of the ramp you need to push the button until the door opens. To have someone meet you at the ramp entrance you can call 204-336-2366 during business hours (M-F 10am-3pm).


The gallery is located downtown at 102-329 Cumberland Avenue, and is accessible by many bus routes and bike paths (cycling maps are available at many libraries and bike shops).

City of Winnipeg street parking is metered and costs $1.75/hr.

C2 Centre for Craft Gallery is just across the hallway from us:


Openings (the debut of a new show) are once a month from 6pm to 9pm, usually at the beginning of the month. Entrance is free. Our open-concept office is in a corner of the gallery. A staff person will be in the space. You can chat with us, ask questions, just silently look at the artwork, or request accessibility services (please request services like ASL translation 2 weeks ahead of time). During openings, we provide some snacks that don’t require plates, and some non-alcoholic bottled drinks.  Both are free, and you help yourself. Fidget toys and AANM temporary tattoos, keychains, pins, and pens are also available for free. We have books for sale, cash only. You are not obligated to buy anything.


Depending on the show, original artwork or prints may be available for sale, with 100% of proceeds going to the artist. Prices will be marked next to the artwork on an information card. If you purchase a piece during a show, you will receive it when the show closes at the end of its run. Pieces that have already been bought (and so are no longer available for sale) are marked with a small red dot sticker on the information card. More of our artist members’ work can be found here and here If you are interested in buying or commissioning a piece from one of our artists, contact Jenel Shaw at    


AANM shows work exclusively by d/Deaf artists and artists with disabilities.

We post Calls To Artists on our website here:

Contact Jenel Shaw at 204-336-2366 or if you would like to propose a show, in gallery or online.  We host online exhibitions here:

AANM is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. To that end, we ask for culturally diverse, Indigenous, LGBT2Q*, rural and northern self-identification if you choose. Applications are confidential, reviewed by staff and jury members.

Artists must be AANM members to show with us. Free and sliding-scale memberships are available to those facing financial barriers. View membership options and renew memberships here: is a black on white blueprint describing the AANM Gallery/Office space layout.  Gallery Wall #1 is 144" long.  Gallery Wall #2 is 114" long.


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