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Accessibility Audit Database

This is a poster with a gold background. At the top of the poster is AANM's logo. In bold black letters is the following text "Accessibility Audit Database" Below are three black icons. From right to left is the icon for ASL interpretation, the action wheelchair icon and the icon for the blind

Welcome to Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba’s Accessibility Audit Database!

Here you will find the reports from arts venues that AANM has audited using our disability led and informed accessibility audit.

Every week more audits are being conducted and added to the database. Currently we are auditing arts spaces in Winnipeg and will expand to include other arts spaces in Manitoba in the future.

We invite anyone to contact us with any venues suggestions that you would like to see audited. If you are an arts organization and would like your space audited to be included in the database please reach out as well! 

You can contact AANM’s executive director, Jenel Shaw, at or 204-336-2366

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Venue NameCityAddressPhone NumberWebsiteFull Report
Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers Winnipeg 204-211 Bannatyne Ave. 204 452 0229 Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers View
Winnipeg Film Group Winnipeg 100 Arthur St 204-925-3456 Winnipeg Film Group View
Winnipeg Arts Council Winnipeg 103-110 Pricess Street 204.943.7668 Winnipeg Arts Council View
Winnipeg Art Gallery Winnipeg 300 Memorial Blvd/ 204.786.6641 Winnipeg Art Gallery View
West End Cultural Centre Winnipeg 586 Ellice Ave. 204-783-6918 West End Cultural Centre View
Video Pool Media Arts Centre Winnipeg 300-100 Arthur St. 204-949-9134 Video Pool Media Arts Centre View
School of Art Gallery Winnipeg 180 Dafoe Road 204-474-9322 View
Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre Winnipeg 174 Market Ave. 204 956 1340 Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre View
Pulse Gallery Winnipeg Johnston Terminal 25 Forks Market Rd. 204-957-7140 Pulse Gallery View
Prairie Theatre Exchange Winnipeg Y300-393 Portage Ave. 204-292-729c1 View
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