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Including artists and audiences with disabilities into all facets of the arts community.

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Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba is a regional not-for-profit artist run charitable organization dedicated to the full inclusion of artists and audiences with disabilities into all facets of the arts community.

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AANM 2024 Grant Winners

AANM’s grants are generously funded by the Manitoba Arts Council.

Congratulations to the winners!

Hailley Rhoda

This headshot is of Hailley Rhoda. Hailley is a young white woman with long red hair. She is wearing a green t-shirt with clear framed glasses hanging from the neck of her shirt. Her elfin face is smiling a crooked smile in a mischievous grin.

Hailley Rhoda Bio

Hailley Rhoda is a theatre artist based in Winnipeg Manitoba.  Diagnosed at a young age with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Von Willebrand’s Disease, Hailley’s work often explores what the perception of Disability is versus the lived reality. Since graduating from the University of Winnipeg’s Theatre and Film department, she’s become more interested in creating her own works. She creates under the company name Chronically Ch(ill) Productions, and has created pieces on invisible disability for Sarasvati Productions and Sick+Twisted Theatre. She is an active member of the Winnipeg Puppet Collective. When not working on pieces about invisible disabilities, she focuses on retelling Greek and Roman myths from a female perspective, and building puppets who die in spectacularly entertaining ways. 

Katrina Craig

This is a photo of Katrina Craig. In the foreground is a bush of orange and yellow flowers with green leaves. Katrina is standing behind the bush and in front of a brick porch of a building. Katrina is a young white woman with chin length brown red hair with bangs. She is wearing a white t-shirt and a beautiful headpiece made up of many flowers. Her eyes are closed and her face is serene.

Katrina Craig bio

Katrina Craig is a visual artist and craftsperson living in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Treaty 1 Territory. Originally from Prince Edward Island, Katrina Craig attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles and Fashion. 

Her background in textiles and fashion are found in her work through her use of fibre, three dimensional soft sculpture forms, and the use of textile techniques and needlework in her mixed media projects. While Craig’s work has a continuing thread of textiles, her work often engages with other modes of making including: photography, video, hand lettered text, drawing and writing. 

Craig uses an innate feature of craft based practice: time, labour and process, as a means to explore the intersection of the body and the mind. Her work often references or interacts with the body. It may be worn, referenced in the artwork’s form, or the work may be draped overtop of wire body forms. Craig utilizes her own body through recording herself working bit by bit on her projects, often transforming everyday objects into new structures using needlework, weaving, or other textile techniques.

Exploring topics such as chronic illness, grief, change and transformation, Craig uses visual metaphor to express the subtle changes and invisible labour of internal life. She gives particular focus to how these internal changes translate into and are encouraged by somatic experience in the body. 

Lindsey White

This is a headshot of Lindsey White. Lindsey is a white woman with dark auburn hair that brushes her shoulders. Her green eyes are smiling and looking directly at the camera. She is wearing a round, tigers eye pendant around her neck and a dark green tank top which shows off her nature inspired tattoos on her left shoulder, arm and collarbone.

Lindsey White Bio:

Connection is at the core of a groovy folk-rock sound that is the heartbeat of all music created by Lindsey White and her community. Her soulful compositions are complimented by earthy piano and guitar, powerful vocals and unmistakable passion. The result is an intersection of straight forward groove and complex balladry with a rich, informed lyrical landscape underpinned by hope. Her sound has been described as “the lovechild of Regina Spektor and Florence and The Machine”.

White established herself in the Winnipeg music scene early on as a passionate, expressive voice and an honest, thoughtful songwriter. She went on to create and facilitate community music programming that met people of all ages where they are at. This work landed her a nomination for a Winnipeg Arts Council “Making a Mark” award, five “Women of Influence” Canadian Women Entrepreneur award nominations and a designation as one of the CBC Manitoba Future 40.

It is White’s insightful and forthright approach that results in a sense of trust and relatedness for listeners, co-creators and observers of her work. Whether on stage or in session, she is able to weave memories and learnings in a way that turns adversity into awareness while leaving all feeling more understood.

Sacha Kopelow

This is a photo of Sacha Kopelow.  She is a white woman, with long dark blonde hair, wearing a grey sweater.  She is glancing up to the side and smiling.

Sacha Kopelow Bio:

achieves an ethereal, gemlike colour quality, contributing to an intimate and vulnerable sensibility in her work. Greatly influenced by the intersection of her experience as disabled and her interest in social justice, she explores loneliness, belonging, feminism, minutiae, animal sensitivities, and the nature and collection of life moments.

Born and raised in rural Manitoba, Sacha worked around the globe in environmentalism and social justice before returning to Canada to earn a BFA at NSCAD University. Neurodivergent since birth, she became physically disabled through chronic illness in 2003, and returned ‘home’ to Winnipeg for adaptive care. Having learned to navigate the world as a disabled artist, she has since built a comprehensive studio which allows her to work in metalsmithing, glass casting, painting, drawing, textiles, electronics and photography. Disability has both shrunk and expanded her world – living below the poverty line with limited physical and mental resources. This provides a more nuanced understanding of the struggles of others as well as the opportunity to deeply witness and express her experience of her own life and the world around her.

Latest News

Sassy Wheels – WARRIOR

This is a promo for the video burlesque show ‘WARRIOR’ by Sassy Wheels opening July 5, 6-9pm at AANM Gallery and This information appears in bright fluorescent pink font amid photo stills from the video performance. Sassy is wearing a silky white teddy with a big satin bow across her cleavage. Red wounds adorn her pale skin. A wheelchair user, Sassy has delicate lacy black wings expanding from her back, dominating both her body and the chair. Along the side of the poster are the logos for Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba and the Province of Manitoba.

  BIO                                              …

Salima Punjani – PROGRESSION

This is a poster advertising the online cybor-world experience created by Salima Punjani titled “PROGRESSION”. The top graphic is a screen shot from the digital world of the entry portal, a beige-walled ‘waiting room’ with hanging planters and pastel floor pillows. Out the entranceway we glimpse the lower image: a space night-scape with ethereal ropes of glowing purple and azure. Two caves on the horizon sport white text: “What reminds you of who you are?” and “How do you want to be seen?”. In the centre, next to the artist’s name and below the show title we read: “ONLINE EXPERIENCE OPENING JUNE 7 AT AANM.CA/ONLINE-EXHIBITIONS.” The logos for AANM and the Province of Manitoba appear along the side. Along the bottom, it reads “this project was made possible with support from Ada X and the Canada Council for the Arts.”

BIO Photo credit: Vjosana Shkurti Born in Vancouver in 1986, Salima Punjani is a multisensory artist whose mediums include social sculpture,…

Alice Crawford – WHO’S AT THE PARTY? (2)

Poster Descriptive Text This poster advertises info for an art show by Alice Crawford opening at AANM Gallery 329 Cumberland Ave on May 3 from 6-9 pm. The title of the show “WHO’S AT THE PARTY? 2” appears in orange hand-printing font. The artist’s name in white and the show info in orange appear in the bottom right corner. The logos for AANM and the Province of Manitoba are along the lower border. The main image of the poster, front and center, is a party scene populated by hand-crafted ‘dolls.’ The dolls have large round heads and thin, whimsical bodies. The main character is in focus in the foreground, sporting a purple hearing aid above their ear. The other dolls are fuzzy in the background, colourful and vibrant.

STATEMENT “Who’s at the Party? – Take Two” is a further exploration of the representation of Alice Crawford’s understanding of the people around her, from…


This is a promo for the visual art exhibition by Gabby Da Silva titled ‘FRIENDS OF A SICK GIRL’. This info is written in the centre of the image in pink type font, surrounded by colourfull digital drawings of body parts (purple brain, pink stomach, green lungs, red musculature, etc.) against a white background. Along the left side in pink font: OPENING APRIL 5, 6-9PM AANM GALLERY 329 CUMBERLAND AVE. WPG AND AANM.CA/ONLINE-EXHIBITIONS. Along the right side are the logos for Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba and the Province of Manitoba.

Friends of a Sick Girl (2022 –) Friends of a Sick Girl is a collection of live-action and animation shorts. Each short features a “friend,”…

Katrina Craig – SICK PARTY

This is a poster for a visual art show by Katrina Craig. The artist’s name and the show’s title (SICK PARTY) are written in thin black hand lettering atop a hand-drawn image in tones of peach, orange, and beige. In the image, two hands, each with fingers bowed and knotted like rubbery noodles, are raised up on long arms that are likewise woven and undulating. On a strip of dark brown at the bottom of the poster, the details of the event are written in beige: Opening March 1st, 2024, 6-9pm, Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba, 102-329 Cumberland Ave &, along with the logos for the Province of Manitoba and AANM.

ARTIST STATEMENT Sick Party explores invisible illness and the ongoing pressure to perform ‘wellness’ in everyday life while feeling anything but well. The figures in…

harper k. smith – EP Release

EP release show poster. The main image is a black and white photo of a young light-skinned woman with shoulder-length dark hair parted in the centre, large round glasses, and two small piercings near her bottom lip. She is seated before a birthday cake topped with unlit candles, wearing a party hat and her eyes are cast downwards to the cake with a depressed expression. Across the top of the image in red blackletter font reads “Harper K. Smith”, with the opening act Annaxis noted below in red blocky font. The show details appear in the bottom left corner in white sans serif font: February 9th, 2024, doors 7pm, show 7:20pm, The Output (Video Pool) 100 Arthur St (Artspace) 2nd floor, No cover! Access info: masks required, seats available, wheelchair accessible, email by 01/26 to request ASL or with questions. Below this text are Arts AccessAbility Network and Province of Manitoba logos.

BIO Harper K. Smith is a queer and mad/disabled, freakfolk-pop musician from Winnipeg (Treaty 1 Territory). Her songs ache over broken relationships, sickness, and death,…

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AANM is in a multi-level building with a ramp on the east side of the building. We offer accessible washrooms. ASL is provided upon request, with one week notice. We request that all staff and members refrain from wearing scented products out of respect for those with sensitivities. Service animals are welcome (pets are not.)
For other accommodations, or if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact the office at 204-336-2366 or email

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