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Sassy Wheels – WARRIOR

This is a promo for the video burlesque show ‘WARRIOR’ by Sassy Wheels opening July 5, 6-9pm at AANM Gallery and This information appears in bright fluorescent pink font amid photo stills from the video performance. Sassy is wearing a silky white teddy with a big satin bow across her cleavage. Red wounds adorn her pale skin. A wheelchair user, Sassy has delicate lacy black wings expanding from her back, dominating both her body and the chair. Along the side of the poster are the logos for Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba and the Province of Manitoba.


Photo of Sassy Wheels, a young light-skinned person, in burlesque costume. Sassy is wearing a white translucent teddy with a big satin bow across their cleavage, white knee-highs, and white lace-up boots. A pair of heart-shape sunglasses rests atop their purple wavy hair. Sassy is seated in a motorized wheelchair, and peeking out from behind their back, a pair of angel wings is visible. They point toward themselves, with a sassy smile.


Sassy Wheels is a dynamic disabled burlesque performer who has been making waves in the industry since 2020 with their captivating performances and powerful advocacy work. Embracing both she/her and they/them pronouns, Sassy embodies a unique blend of strength, vulnerability, and unapologetic self-expression.

With a deep understanding of the importance of disability and sexuality, Sassy has become a prominent voice in advocating for inclusivity and breaking down societal barriers. Their performances are a powerful testament to the beauty and sensuality of all bodies, challenging traditional notions of beauty and desirability.

Beyond the stage, Sassy has been invited to speak at various universities, using their personal experiences to educate and enlighten students about the intersections of disability and sexuality. By sharing their story, they empower others to embrace their own identities and celebrate their individuality.

Sassy’s talent has been recognized and celebrated in the local community, as they have graced the stage at numerous events, leaving audiences in awe of their mesmerizing performances. Their recent participation in the esteemed 2024 Winnipeg Burlesque Festival is a testament to their rising star status and the impact they are making in the industry.

With a fierce determination to challenge societal norms and create a more inclusive world, Sassy Wheels continues to inspire others through their artistry and advocacy. Their unwavering commitment to promoting acceptance and celebrating diverse identities makes them a true trailblazer in the world of burlesque and beyond.


“Warrior” is a powerful and moving video that delves into the themes of disability, childhood trauma, and the transformative power of embracing one’s past. This thought-provoking piece encourages viewers to confront their own experiences, acknowledging the challenges they have faced while also finding strength in their journey.

The video highlights the resilience of the human spirit, emphasizing the importance of not allowing past traumas to define one’s future. Through poignant storytelling and evocative visuals, “Warrior” inspires viewers to confront their past, heal from their wounds, and embrace their unique journey.

With a focus on disability, the video challenges societal perceptions and stereotypes, promoting inclusivity and understanding. It serves as a reminder that individuals with disabilities are not defined by their limitations but rather by their strength, determination, and ability to overcome adversity.

“Warrior” encourages viewers to reflect on their own past experiences and find the courage to move forward, empowered by the lessons learned and the growth achieved. It sends a powerful message of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of embracing one’s past while forging ahead towards a brighter future.

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