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Online Exhibitions

On the left side of the poster is the AANM logo at the top with the following text in black with the title in red: “Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba is proud to present MIGHTY TO SAVE a solo exhibition by Ryan Dyck. Mighty to Save is a series of portraits exploring the hero as subject. The body of work explores themes of power and rescue. Superheroes are known to save the day. But none compare to the ultimate and original hero and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Jesus can perform miracles that surpass the abilities of heroes, real or imagined”. On the right side of the poster is a close up of a painting of Jesus on the cross. Jesus is well muscled in this depiction and has cuts with blood on his shoulders and head. Superimposed over the image at the bottom is the following text in white against a dark brown background: “Opening online on June 4, 2021”

Mighty to Save

A solo exhibition by Ryan Dyck To purchase any of the artwork please email Jenel Shaw at to make arrangements. To see more about….

Poster for Overdressed exhibition. Poster is a photograph of Marie LeBlanc wearing a fancy blue dress and a heavy duty facemask. Marie is a white woman with mid length, straight blond hair. In the photograph two images of Marie can be seen superimposed upon the other. Marie is walking through a plastic barrier with a notice for mold. In the lower half of the poster there is a grey blue box with white text. The text reads: AANM Presents: Overdressed by Marie LeBlanc. Overdressed will explore LeBlanc's nomadic lifestyle, a result of living with Environmental Sensitivities which prevents her from living indoors. LeBlanc states "In survival mode 24/7, I go to great lengths to meet my basic needs such as accessing water. These seemingly simple tasks are, in actuality, special events. To mark the occasion, I wear the most precious piece of clothing I own" To view the exhibition visit after My 7, 2021


A solo exhibition by Marie LeBlanc For pricing of artwork please contact either the artist or Jenel Shaw at AANM by email: or by….

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