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Natalie Sluis – I/Am/I

This is a poster advertising the show of Natalie Sluis, dancer and choreographer. Two photos in cool dim tones make a backdrop for the show's title "I/Am/I," which is front and centre in plain bold white lettering. The two pictures capture Natalie in motion, her hair wild and flowing across her face with the force of her dance movements. She is pale and slim, wearing a plain drab t-shirt and pants. She is barefoot on a grey stone floor. Below the title in a chill blue font it reads "Choreography and dance by Natalie Sluis. Filmed on location at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights by Joey Forte, Music by Moodinies": Below, in tan text: “Opening August 5, 2022, 6-9pm, 102-329 Cumberland Ave, Winnipeg and” Along the side of the poster are the logos for Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba and Canada Council For The Arts.


This is a photo of dancer and choreographer Natalie Sluis. She is a young white woman. She is looking towards us with blue eyes and a shy smile. Her long straight light brown hair falls over her shoulders. She wears a simple dark orange sweater.Natalie Sluis is a performing artist based in Winnipeg, on Treaty 1 Land. She is currently in her fourth and final year in the Professional Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers. Natalie’s artistic practice includes dance, choreography, singing, and acting. She started her performance career in theatre, film, and artistic gymnastics at a young age where she gained the fundamentals in performance and movement.

Natalie’s dance career started late, at age nineteen, in the adult general program offered at the School of Contemporary Dancers (SCD). Following the general program season, she was offered an audition to the Professional Program of SCD. She began her study under that program in September of 2019.

Natalie is now fully engaged in the artistic beauty of contemporary dance, and it has become her life’s passion. She has completed multiple professional projects in both choreography and dance. Natalie is very excited to begin her solo dance career, and to collaborate with her co-choreographer Anne Neudorf. In the future she hopes to be able to work with and learn from artists around the world and to create choreography that allows the audience to feel. Natalie looks forward to sharing her joy and understanding of contemporary dance with the next generation of artists.


I/Am/I is a previously explored trio that was choreographed at the beginning of 2022. In that process I wanted to explore how movement would be changed from person to person without influence. I did this by individually teaching identical material to separate artists and letting them translate it onto their own bodies without seeing the other dancers. This made for an interesting and vulnerable process. I then shaped the results into a solo which would amplify the theme of imposter syndrome. This concept highlights a very personal, internal, and individual struggle that is related to by the silent majority.

Descriptive text of video:
This is a video of a dance piece choreographed and performed by Natalie Sluis. It was filmed in June 2022 by Joey Forte, on location at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Canada, and set to the music “Wong” by Moodinies. In it, we see Natalie do a solo dance. She is a young woman, pale and slim, dressed in a drab t-shirt and loose pants. Her long straight light brown hair is thrown about with her emotive movements, often covering her face. She dances barefoot on a slate grey stone floor. The setting is dim and moody, but it is a large and airy space. Light falls in a pattern across the floor from tall windows outside the scope of our view.

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