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Poster Description: Poster for Make/Do. The poster has AANM’s logo in the top left corner “underneath on the left wide of the poster is the following text in black and blue lettering: September 24-October, 9 2021, MAKE/DO, Make/Do refers both to the artist way of life, and to the balancing of gifts and struggles that living with differences entails. This exhibition is the culmination of a year’s work by eight participating artists who are deaf/Deaf or have disabilities, in Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba’s (AANM) Visual Art Salon mentorship program facilitated by Yvette Cenerini. The program provided a forum for group discussion and critique, and one-on-one career skill-building and resource-sharing throughout the Salon. AANM’s Art Salons was made possible with funding from the Manitoba Arts Council.” In the right corner of the poster is a painting which shows two images. The first image of the left is the torso and legs on a man wearing a dark shirt and beige pants against a white background. The image on the right is a close up of a man’s leg and foot. He is wearing blue jeans and work boots. to the left of the painting is a red triangle. Below the painting is a blue box with the follow text in white “Artwork by Sacha Kopelow, In person at La Maision:101-219 Provencher Blvd. Online at presented in partnership with”. Next to the last line is La Maison’s logo


The Artists and Their Artwork

Candace Lipischak


Candace Lipischak is a multidisciplinary Franco-Métis-Polish artist from Manitoba. Self-taught, their work may be connected to outsider art often illustrating unconventional ideas and materials.

By painting and incorporating many mediums such as antler, recycled tin and miscellaneous parts, Lipischak has found a way of telling a different story regarding environmental and social issues, consumerism, the land, truth and reconciliation, and nature’s powerful force. 

Their work is part of various collections, private and corporate, such as TDS Law, Ceridian, as well as the Niverville Community Resource and Recreation Centre.

Artist Statement: 

My artwork takes a view of social, environmental and cultural issues, especially pertaining to my own. While I use a variety of mediums and processes in each project, my methodology is consistent. I prefer combining recycled materials dating back to the early 1900’s as a way of shedding light on what is happening today. The objects that whisper of the past become the voice of the present. Painting or piecing together what was discarded long ago is a way of telling a different story.

Antique saw blade with a scene painted in gold, yellow and white. The background of the image is a field with the sun setting on the left side. On the right are teepees. A colonial man in a regiment outfit with a hat with feathers, shakes hands with an indigenous man wearing a headdress, leather pants and belt with feathers on it. The center of the saw blade has a hole missing where the two are shaking hands. Between the two men is an axe in the ground.
Treaty 1: Promises Cut 2019 Acrylics on antique saw blade 13″ $2500
Rusted antique oil drum lid with an openhand painted in the middle with green and blue paint. There are five corn kernels that the hand has released.
La semence 2016 Acrylics on antique oil drum lid 16″ $400
Silver and rusted oil drum lid with a caribou with antlers painted in the middle. There is text printed around the perimeter of the oil drum in white: CANADA 1955. Between the caribou’s antlers is the following text in white: 25 cents.
Close Call 2018 Acrylics on antique oil drum lid 21.5″ $2000
Abstract painting of Louis Riel’s head. The background is streaks of blue and black. Riel’s hair is coloured all different colours with black lines creating different shapes. Riel’s face is while and his features are defined by abstract black lines.
Resurgence 2016 Acrylics on plywood 26″ x 26″ $900

Kathleen Shellrude

A mixed media artist and experimental ceramicist, Kathleen Shellrude lives and creates on Treaty 1 Territory (Winnipeg). Her artistic career began after a lengthy hospitalization in 2015 which prompted her to use art as a means of processing issues related to a personal history marked by disability, mental illness, homelessness and addiction.
Since completing a residency at Artbeat Studio (2017), Shellrude has presented work in 3 solo exhibitions and participated in many group shows. She has curated 3 exhibitions, including Life Support (2018) which honours her nephew who passed away from an overdose.
Her paintings feature dreamlike landscapes, magical creatures, and abstraction. She works in multimedia pottery by combining acrylics, resin, gold leaf, botanicals, bones, stones, prayers, and spellwork that connect her, and the viewer, to the divine.
One of the founders of Higgins Studios, she manages the accessible artist-run studio spaces made available to 20+ artists. She sits on the board of The Edge Urban Gallery and Art Centre, and is a member of various arts organizations in Winnipeg. Kathleen is also looking forward to two solo shows: Forest Royalty, which will travel through rural Manitoba in 2021/22 and Constellations, focusing on her experiences of COVID 19 and community, at Prairie Fusion Art in Portage la Prairie in 2022/23.
Her artwork can be found online and in person at, Tara Davis Boutique, Radiance Gifts, and UpBeat Artworks.

ART STATEMENT: Love in the Times of Apocalypse .
Love in the Times of Apocalypse is a series of acrylic and mixed media paintings which were all created at a time when life, as we all knew it, was uncertain, isolating and intimidating. If being separated from each other meant safety, how could we connect, show tenderness, or experience love?
For most of us, this has been an amazingly difficult time. Yet, for many of us, it has also forced open our hearts (and bodies) to different methods of loving. Through collage and layers I’ve explored self love, familial love, love for animals, as well as the intangible love for past and for future.
I’m anxiously awaiting the end of the apocalypse, but I’m grateful it has allowed me a way back into many forgotten forms of love.

Tall abstract painting of a naked woman against a black background. The woman is painted with many colours: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, purple and white. She has large breast and a round belly.
Self Love 2020 61X152” Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 425$
Square painted panel. The background is cream coloured. There are black lines in the upper right corner and a black ladder across the bottom. Standing on the ladder are two young indigenous girls with their eyes blacked out. There are yellow circles, grey and white half circles, a half circle with repeating patterns and an oval with gold geometric shapes against a black background. In the left upper corner is pink paint with white words overtop.
A Treatise on Home 2020 12×12” Acrylic, collage, glitter and resin on museum panel 185$
Triangle panel with a tarot card that says the devil. The card has a devil on it and a naked woman beside him. There is a music sheet visible and other printed text that is unreadable. Over top these two images are pink dots, black dots with white crosses, white dots with smaller black dots. There are also lines of black, yellow and orange that flow over the image. There are also two yellow and black targets painted. The background colours are pink and orange.
The Devil 2020 10x10x10” Acrylic, collage, glitter and resin on museum panel 160
Triangle panel with a tarot card called Temperance. The card has an angel holding a vessel. There is also a music sheet visible. Over top these two images are pink dots, black dots with white crosses, white dots with smaller black dots. There are also lines of black, yellow and white that flow over the image. The background colours are pink and orange.
Temperance 2020 10x10x10” Acrylic, collage, glitter and resin on museum panel 160$
Square panel with a cream background. There are pieces of music sheets, calendars and a map. There is also an image of a young indigenous man standing with a dog. There are black and white crosses drawn on, pink circles with white lines. Lines of black, pink and white flow over the image.
The Ways We Love 1 2020 8×8 Acrylic, collage and resin on museum panel 105$
Square panel with a cream background. There are pieces of music sheets and a calendar. There is also an image of two young girls with pink heats that are connected by black dashes. There are gold crosses drawn on, pink circles with white lines and half circle with geometric shapes. Lines of black and pink flow over the image.
The Ways We Love 2 2020 5×7 Acrylic, collage, and resin on museum panel 80$
Square panel with a cream background. There are pieces of music sheets and a calendar. There is also an image of a young girl in a dress. There are pink half circles and a large circle in the lower right corner that is pink and white with yellow and clue circles around it. There are also pink and yellow dots painted on. Lines of black with gold flow over the image.
The Ways We Love 3 2020 5×5 Acrylic, collage and resin on museum panel 65$

Marie LeBlanc


Marie LeBlanc is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. Through photography, multimedia projection, short film, performance and wordsmithing she explores themes related to landscape, isolation, beauty, health and nature. Capturing faces, shapes, shadows and reflections with digital and on-camera effects, often superimposing her own reflection, she seeks to embrace the present moment and the ethereal world around her. Originally from Northern Manitoba, she lived in Winnipeg before recently relocating to Alberta. In the winter months, she travels to the U.S. desert in a cargo van adapted for safe housing to ease the symptoms of Environmental Sensitivities


I live with Environmental Illness: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Toxic Mold Exposure. For me, indoor housing has become intolerable. I have thus taken to living a nomadic lifestyle by following the warm weather patterns that enable me to be outdoors. In the winter months, I migrate to the desert in a cargo van adapted for safe housing to ease the symptoms. The life I live is similar to living in quarantine and I think a lot about Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation. His Hierarchy of Needs implies that we must satisfy the needs of one stage before feeling motivated to arise to the next.

Collage of a multitude of photographs of Marie LeBlanc as she takes care of her basic needs in relation to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, while living out of her van. Marie is a white woman with long brown hair and is wearing a fancy blue gown and workboots. There is a blue ribbon in the shape of a triangle over the images.
Overdressed photocollage, (Esteem – Freedom), (Esteem – Strength), (Love and belonging – Friendship), (Safety Needs – Resources), (Safety Needs – Property), (Safety Needs – Health), (Physiological Needs – Shelter), (Physiological Needs – Clothing), (Physiological Needs – Food), (Physiological Needs – Water), (Physiological Needs – Air) 2021 Photocollage on foam core with corset lace 24″x32″ NFS
Grey background with the following text in black: Esteem – Freedom, Esteem – Strength, Love and belonging – Friendship, Safety Needs – Resources, Safety Needs – Property, Safety Needs – Health, Physiological Needs – Shelter, Physiological Needs – Clothing, Physiological Needs – Food, Physiological Needs – Water, Physiological Needs – Air. Behind the words of is a blue triangle
Overdressed (Self-actualization) 2021 Digital Video NFS

Michael Loucks

BIO: Graphic Artist and Illustrator

“I lost my hearing as an infant due to meningitis, but that’s never prevented me from pursuing my intense passion for visual art. A lifelong love affair with comics, graphic novels, film, animation, and pop culture continues to inspire my work. From the moment I was able to pick up a pencil, art has been a constant in my life and a vehicle for expression my unique perspective and delightful sense of humour.”

Drawing of Spiderman and the Green Goblin. Spiderman is hanging upside down on the left side singing “shhh” in ASL with one hand. To the right of him is the Green Goblin holding the covid-19 virus in one hand and signing “where?!” in ASL in the other. The Green Goblin is looking to his right at a spider in its web. They are standing on the top of a building with the moon behind them.
Spider-Man/Green Goblin 2021 Colour markers and colour pencils 11”x14” Original $100 print $50
Drawing of Superman and Lex Luther on the roof of a building with the sun behind them. Superman is signing “no” in ASL. Lex Luther is signing “yes” in ASL and is holding a container with the COVID-19 virus in it and labeled “COVID-19”.
Superman/Lex 2020 Colour markers and colour pencils 11”x14” Original $100 print $50
Drawing of Ultron and Ironman. They are standing on the roof of a building with a blue sky, clouds and the sun. Ultron is on the left and is signing “hurt” in ASL while blocking a ray from Ironman that says COVID-19 VACCINE. Ironman in on the right and is “have” signing in ASL.
Ironman/Ultron 2021 Colour markers and colour pencils 11”x14” Original $100 print $50
Batman/Joker 2020 Colour markers and colour pencils 11”x14” Original $100 print $50

Michel Dumont

Artist Statement

As a queer metis two spirit disabled artist in my 50s I had lived through a deadly virus.  In the first week of the pandemic in March 2020 I quickly went to work in lock down. This lock down did not look that different to me as an artist dealing with chronic back pain I work from home.

The anxiety was key to manage so I started dealing with my fears which for me was the Covid -19 virus. I decided to shed light and fun onto this idea and made a corona virus disco ball with the items I had around my house which really is a studio with a hoard of supplies. I had already turned my sunroom into a mirror infinity room. This project was installed in June 2020 in downtown Thunder Bay, ON with the Steps Initiative, Insider Project. The installation was placed in an apartment building store front so the public could safely walk by or drive by to see the installation.  I also did a pandemic pride photoshoot in the room which resulted in photos being used by the queer arts festival in Vancouver and then Montreal Fierte (Pride). 

As an artist with a few chronic health issues I stared at my fear and made something light and beautiful out of it. I incorporated a piece I call a deconstructed dream catcher under the virus disco ball so the result is the virus is the nightmare and my dream catcher is the antidote. 


Michel Dumont is a queer Metis two spirited disabled artist. He currently resides in Thunder Bay. He enjoys breathing new life into discarded vintage tile by making mosaic pieces. He also works in wearable art and installation art using packing tape, mylar, cellophane and LED lights. He’s shown at Gay Gardens at the John B. Aird in Toronto, Fierte 360 Montreal.and The Queer Arts Festival Vancouver.

Painting of flames in red, yellow orange and blue. The flames are coming from the right upper corner of the painting and flowing all around.
Fyres of Pride 2021 Acrylic on Canvas 72″ x 48″ $2500
Sculpture of a weasel with red and white mosaic tiles.
Maple Leaf Weasel 2020 Vintage ceramics wall tile mosaic 5″ tall and 11″ long $4000

Misty Greyeyes

Bio: Iwas born as hearing but at the age of three I lost my hearing from a fever. I have since struggled with lip reading, English and ASL. Art is my first language and helped me to communicate. I have also been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I often struggle with my health, depression and ghost that bug me. I make art with feelings, brains, heart

and passion. When I was little, I always wanted to be a famous artist. My parents are artists as well. My mother used to show me her drawings to show me that I could draw too. My dad does mostly First Nation style of painting which I also do. I got my artistic talent from my parents. When I was little, I used to love Halloween but then horror movies gave me nightmares and I struggled with this until 2020 when the doctors finally put me on the right medication for my mental illness. I used to mainly paint horror and darkness artwork but now focus on bright artwork like wild animals and landscape that God made. Jehovah’s Witness changed my life, God’s name is Jehovah. One day there will be a new earth in the future.

Pencil Drawing of a boy with yellow hair sitting at the end of a wooden dock. There is a pink river that flows up to mountains in the distance. In the river are eyeballs of all different colours and a sailboat the boy has put in the water.
Water is Life 2021 Drawing markers and colour pencils on paper 11″x 14″ Sold
Pencil drawing of a hand. The hand has eyes where all the joints in the fingers and wrist connect. The pointer finger is in a brace.
Pain Joints Bones 2021 Drawing markers and colour pencils on paper 11″ x 14″ $60
Collage of drawings of eyes, skulls and other faces. The paper is torn and glued together. Along the rips black lines have been drawn.
Cracked of Horror Mixed media, colour pencils and photographs 11″ x 14″ NFS
Painting of a lake at sunset. In silhouette are pine trees and two larger trees with broken branches with four eagles sitting on them.
Sunset with Eagles 2020 Acrylic on canvas 23.6″ x 31.5″ $275

Ryan Dyck

Bio: As a quiet force for good in self-expression and breaking down stigma, Ryan Dyck will win you over with his unabashed honesty – drawing you in with his story and his art. Ryan is an inspiration to those who struggle with mental illness, having learned to say “Yes” to supporting himself and his passion for drawing and painting. His unique sense of humour is just one of the tools in his tool box that he uses to reach out to his community- cutting a swath of healing that opens up opportunities for us all. 

Ryan was exposed to art at a young age of 4. He received education in art throughout Middle School and continued his art studies in High School at Transcona Collegiate Institute. His first passion in art was drawing. He then picked up painting with acrylics in grade 11 and improved upon that art form from there on. 

In 2011, Ryan was fortunate to be involved in an artist-in-residency program known as Artbeat Studio, a not-for-profit organization that promotes recovery in mental health through the production of art in a secure art studio. From then on, Ryan has been involved in multiple art exhibitions and continues to work on his art to this day.

Artist Statement: This painting series is a series built upon a style I have created which began a number of years ago that utilizes an abstract range of colour. When it comes to painting animals, I really enjoy using unexpected colours instead of what you would normally associate them with. This gives me the opportunity to let my creative juices flow like a fountain, or almost like a rapid flowing river, and to open the door to a method that does not conform to the norm. In turn, this frees me to paint as I choose and to make the likeness of the subject mine. Should you like to collaborate over an idea you have, I am available for commissions. You can contact me through and we can come up with a deal!

Ryan was exposed to art at a young age of 4. He received education in art throughout Middle School and continued his art studies in High School at Transcona Collegiate Institute. His first passion in art was drawing. He then picked up painting with acrylics in grade 11 and improved upon that art form from there on. After graduating from high school, Ryan took in a few attempts of Fine Art studies at the University of Manitoba, only to figure out that University was not the route for him.

Painting of a giraffe’s head and neck. The background is a kaleidoscope rainbow. The giraffe is painting in abstract colours: its spots are blue, pink and yellow against black. The giraffe’s eyes, nose and mouth are white.
Jacqueline 2021 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 12″ x 16″ $325.00
Painting of a tiger’s head. The background is streaks of blues, purples and white. The tiger is painted in abstract colours of green and white. Its right eye is missing and instead has connections like on a computer board.
Lean, Green, Feline Machine 2021 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 16″ x 12″ $485.00
Painting of a lemur’s head and arms. The background is dark red. The lemur is painted in abstract colours: its fur is yellow and purple with green eyes.
Viola 2021 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 12″ x 16″ $355.00
Painting of a Rhino’s head. The background is light yellow. Abstract colours are used: the front horn is blue and the second horn is red and green. The Rhino’s skin is blue and red with oranges lines.
Trevor 2020 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 11″ x 14″ $355.00

Sacha Kopelow

BIO: Sacha Kopelow was born and raised in rural Manitoba.  She sculpts in cast glass illuminated by kinetic light, and often includes metalsmithing or oil painting.  She uses deep dim colour, contradictory imagery, and only oblique suggestion at narrative to provoke an empathetic encounter with the viewer.  Described as “exquisitely intimate and evocative,” her work delves into difficult and personal emotions, exploring vulnerability, loneliness/belonging, feminism, minutiae, animal sensitivities, and the nature and collection experience.  Sacha holds degrees in International Development and Environmental Studies from U of Winnipeg and a Bachelor of Fine Art from NSCAD University. 

ARTIST STATEMENT: There exists a push/pull tension between safety and bravery, loss and resilience, exhaustion and adventure, efficacy and daydream.  These works provide familiar objective footholds but are subjectively lacking in overt narrative.  Instinctual apprehensions and an open-ended vulnerability vie with a delicate affection.  I aim for the viewer to brush gently against a foreboding that does not resolve into the safety of a conclusion. The artist wishes to thank The Manitoba Arts Council, The Winnipeg Arts Council, AANM, Ione Thorkelsson, Kevin Friedrich and Lorna Kopelow for their generous support.

Contradictory Veracity: Andy 2019 Acrylic on board 24″x18″ NFS
Lenticular print that combines two paintings so that one or the other is visible depending on the position of the viewer. One image shows a person from their neck to their knees. They are wearing a black hoodie and khaki shorts. They appear to be walking and making a sign with their hand. The second image is the lower half of a person who appears to be sitting down on a yellow fence. They are wearing blue jeans and brown work boots and holding a well-used workglove.
This Terrible Absentmindedness About The Things That Make Me Happy 2020 Oil glaze paintings as lenticular print 21.75″x24.5″ NFS
Cast glass dog. The glass is pale blue and translucent. The dog is standing on three legs with one reached out in front of him and appears to be begging or afraid. He is a smaller dog with ears that flop to the side slightly.
Contradictory Veracity: dog 2021 cast glass 7″x8″x13″ NFS

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