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Love After the End: Two-Spirit Utopias & Dystopias

Call for Submissions


What are the adventures that lie beyond the end of our world? In a perfect world, how do we grow? In an imperfect world, how do we resist?

Fantasy and sci-fi rarely imagine futures with Indigenous nations and cultures as they are today, preferring alien civilizations as subpar metaphors. Similarly, issues of gender fluidity are excused by being part and parcel of magical beings instead of human heroes.

In this collection of stories, we will showcase a variety of stories by Indigenous authors imagining different possible futures of our world, told through the lens of the 2SQ (Two-Spirit & queer) heroes in the lead roles.

Stories range from epic adventures to vulnerable moments, with a backdrop of the fantastical but a focus on the personal.

This is a semi-sequel to Bedside Press’s award-winning Love Beyond Body, Space and Time. We are opening the submissions up for 5 new writers to join the collection.

The collection features stories by:

  • Nathan Adler (Wrist)
  • Gwen Benaway (Songs for the Dead)
  • Darcie Little Badger (Love Beyond Body, Space and Time)
  • David A. Robertson (Governor General award-winning author of When We Were Alone)
  • Mari Kurisato (Love Beyond Body, Space and Time)
  • Rosanna Deerchild (Calling Down the Sky)
  • …and maybe you?

This collection will be edited and guided by Joshua Whitehead (Jonny Appleseed) and features cover art by Alice RL.


Authors: Authors must be Indigenous. A preference goes towards authors who have been published, but authors with unpublished works who can show samples of their prose work will also be considered. Non-2SQ authors must also be willing to work with/have their writing reviewed by a sensitivity reader before publication.

Rights: Authors own full rights to the story and may republish at any time. Bedside Press retains the right to print the story only within this collection.

Payment: Authors will be paid .08 per word.

Comps: Authors will receive 1 comp copy and the ability to buy more at print cost + shipping.

Writing timeline: the final deadline for submitted writing will be December 31, 2018. Previously written stories are also eligible for consideration (you can attach them to the draft) though a different license fee will apply.

Word length: roughly 3,500-5,000 words

A pitch should include:

  • A link, or attachment, to a bio of the author and list of published works.
  • A one paragraph story summary. Please keep in mind, a story summary is not a pitch tag line, the editors should know the rough idea of the story from your paragraph including any plot twists and the ending.
  • Email to

Pitch Deadline: September 1, 2018

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