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First Ever Relaxed Concert at WSO

First ever relaxed concert at WSO!
The relaxed concert, called A Day in Bohemia, will take place on November 1 at 10:30 AM at the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall and will feature Dvorak’s 6th Symphony. Dvořák is described as “arguably the most versatile composer of his time”. The young Czech’s gift for delectable melody and lilting orchestrations shows the Bohemian spirit.
The Relaxed atmosphere is designed to make our space more comfortable and welcoming to audience members with autism spectrum disorders, sensory and communication disorders, or learning disabilities. Other audience members who may also benefit include parents with babies and toddlers, people with Tourette’s syndrome, people who experience anxiety, and folks who would simply like a more relaxed and easygoing atmosphere when attending a concert.
Here’s how this performance will differ from other WSO concerts:
– Patrons can come and go from the performance at any time they wish
– Patrons are welcome to respond to the music in any way they would like – clapping, singing, vocalizing, moving, dancing, and so on are all encouraged and welcomed
– Audience members will have advance access to a Visual Guide that details the concert experience, step by step, and a concert-specific fact sheet with detailed information about the performance itself
– Three rows of seats at the back of the hall will be kept empty should guests wish to move away from the sound of the Orchestra on stage.
– Patrons will have access to a quiet room furnished with comfortable seating, stress-relieving fidgets, and relaxing activities, as well as access to earplugs for anyone who may wish to utilize them
– Special interactive pre-concert activities that will allow audience members to get up-close and personal with elements of the symphonic experience
For tickets:
and use the promo code RELAXED for 20% off tickets.
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