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Creative Manitoba: Creative Entrepreneurship Day 2020, March 7

Creative Manitoba
Creative Entrepreneurship Day 2020
Saturday, March 7, 2020

Creative Entrepreneurship is for emerging artists of all disciplines — whether self-taught or recently graduated. You’ve got the skills. Time for the life experience! Learn from local artists and creators who’ve been through it all.

#CEDay2020 A full-day of mini-workshops on work/life balance, overcoming imposter syndrome, making the most of online tools, and marketing yourself as a creative entrepreneur.


Mentors Panel w/ S.M. Beiko, Sharon Bajer, Nyco Rudolph and Helga Jakobson, moderated by Jan Skene
Established artists from various disciplines will discuss how they manage expectations and maintain positive mental health while working as independent creatives. Being your own boss has its ups and downs. Let’s talk about it. This panel is made up of mentors from the 2019-20 Individual Mentorship program.

Heart-Based Entrepreneurship w/ Reno Winston
How can we do business in ways that feel awake, alive, aligned, and authentic? This workshop will explore new ways of looking at sales, marketing, and promotions that come from the head AND the heart. Learn how to use storytelling to talk about your business and make decisions from an intuitive place. This isn’t your typical workshop; arrive open-minded, open-hearted, curious, and ready to get a little deep.

(Art)Work/Life Synergy w/ Alex Sannie
The truth is that art needs time, commitment, money, and energy to grow. Unfortunately, personal lives require and consume those exact same resources, often leaving nothing for your art to develop. This workshop will examine ways to bridge the gap between your personal life and artistic process. Find out how to use your art as a resource (financial, social, recreational, etc) to improve the quality of your personal life, and vice-versa!

How to Leverage Today’s Online Media to Make Money as a Creative w/ Cori Jaye Elston
Nowadays, it is not just your main creative medium that can make you money. Learn how to leverage today’s online world to share your individual skillset with the community – resulting in great payouts that can fund your creative projects or lifestyle! From Patreon, to Skillshare, to Etsy or Upwork – learn about a handful of programs that you can use to generate revenue for your creative entrepreneurship path, no matter what artistic discipline you work in. In this workshop, you will learn how to get paid off your creative process skills – no longer just the end result! Share your skills and process – help others in your discipline – get paid.

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