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Including artists and audiences with disabilities into all facets of the arts community.

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Careers in Fine Arts!!! U of MB breaks it down for you.


Thinking about going back to school?

Looking to enhance your expertise with a career change?

Not sure what alternatives your artistic path can encompass?

The School of Art is looking to squash the myth of the Starving Artist! We’re looking to educate you on
how to educate yourself in preparation for an exciting career in art! We urge you to take a look.
Currently, we’ve listed fine and visual arts, along with performing arts and Art History. We also have
information for aspiring writers and designers. You’ll find a breakdown of many types of art careers,
from the normal to the more obscure. Some of the art careers you’ll find here include graphic design,
painting, photography and video game design. If you don’t see your passion on here, please contact us
and we’ll add it.
In these art career pages, you’ll find tons of information. For each career, we try to provide a concise
overview of each career, as well as a little information about what each type of artist does. We also try
to give you information regarding where each type of artist works and how to get started.

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