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Call for Submissions

Image Description: This is a poster advertising Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba’s CALL TO ARTISTS. At the top of the poster is an image of Winnipeg’s cityscape at night, with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in the foreground. Long-exposure photography makes the city streets glow in amber and gold from the headlights of traffic. On a banner of white, red font proclaims “CALL TO ARTISTS with disabilities.” Below, in plain black text, are bullet points of information: • perform/show work at Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg during CRIP STRENGTH: ART + BODY + MIND festival Oct 29/22 • we pay $367 CARFAC fees • apply by Aug 26/22 • or 204-336-2366 for more info At the bottom of the poster are logos for The Thomas Sill Foundation Inc, AAANM, and Canada Council for the Arts.

Crip Strength: Art + Body + Mind

 Crip Strength: Art + Body +Mind, will consist of a one-day event held at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR). Crip Strength will also be presented virtually to reach rural artists who may not be able to travel to attend in-person, as well as for those in the Deaf and disability art community who are home-bound. There will be a juried exhibition of visual art, dance, theater, musical, literary performances and readings. 

Crip Strength will explore the concept of what is “normal” when it comes to disability. Through art, many artists who are Deaf and/or disabled are questioning assumptions of normality in how the mind and body perform. Deaf and/or disabled artists have much to share and teach the larger art community about access, creative problem solving and adaptation. These concepts have long been necessary for Deaf and/or disabled artists to participate in the larger arts community and have become even more relevant to the larger society as we live through a pandemic that requires us to self-isolate and find creative solutions to reach one another through alternative means.

Call to Manitoban artists who identify as Deaf and/or disabled for AANM’s art Festival: Crip Strength: Art + Body + Mind.

Crip Strength will occur at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights on October 29th from 1pm-3pm. The theme for the juried art exhibition and performances is Creative AccessAbility.

This call is for submissions for a juried visual art exhibition and juried performance selection. Chosen visual artists may include two pieces of artwork in the exhibition. The exhibition will be on display for one day at the CMHR during Crip Strength and will then be exhibited at Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA) until December 2, 2022.

For performance artists (comedians, actors, musicians, poets, etc.) please include the run time of your performance and any needed equipment.

If you are a rural artist or from outside of Winnipeg, AANM can assist you to apply for a travel grant if selected. 

If selected you will receive full carfac fees of $367 for your participation.

Deadline to apply: August 26, 2022 5pm

Submissions should include:

1) Artist CV

2) Written statement explaining how your artwork or performance reflects the theme of Creative AccessAbility. For performers, please include run time and needed equipment. (300 words Max.) 

3) Samples of your work, chose one of the following:

Up to 3 digital images, Max image size 200MB, JPEG format only


Up to 5 pages of text


Up to 3 minutes of audio or video, YouTube format only

All Submissions can be sent to

If you need assistance with your submission you can contact Jenel Shaw at or 203-336-2366.


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