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Adam Schwartz

This is a poster advertising the show of comedian Adam Schwartz. In the centre is his photo. He is a young man with short dark hair and a friendly smile. Discongruently, because he is wearing a casual polo shirt in grey and black stipes, he is also sporting a golden, bejeweled crown. A green blanket is tied over his shoulders like a cape. At the top of the poster in purple video-game font is Adam Schwartz’s name. To the right are two dialogue bubbles declaring “live standup“ and “cash bar.” To the left is the info: November 4, 7pm, and the venue address: 100 Arthur St. Output Venue, 2nd Floor Artspace Building. Below are the logos for Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba, and Canada Council for the Arts.

Adam Schwartz is an autistic comedian, playwright, neurodiversity advocate and the founder of Neurohilarity. He has been using comedy to make sense of a crazy world and carve out a space for himself and other neurodiverse artists for the last decade.

Stand-up comedy is all about taking what everyone thinks is ridiculous and showing how it’s “normal” and showing how the normal is ridiculous. This ability to change preconceived notions is part of what makes stand-up so great and useful as a change agent and a great way of making the disability experience more accessible for the general public.

Recording of comedy night with Adam Schwartz with ASL

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