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Deadline to apply for Session #1 is October 16, 2023. 

This registration intake is for SESSION #1:

Monday, November 13, 6:30pm CST (7:30pm EST), 2023 

“Coming Out As a Disabled or d/Deaf Artist”

with Alexia Vassos


  • This event is free. You do not have to be d/Deaf or disabled to participate.  You must be an artist or work in arts admin/organization to participate.
  • Registration will be capped at a maximum of 20 participants per session.
  • You will be notified within two weeks after the registration deadline if you have been selected to participate.
  • You do not need to participate in all 6 sessions throughout the year.
  • You need to re-register for any further sessions you wish to participate in.
  • Registration will open one month before each session.
  • Deadline to apply for Session #1 is October 16, 2023. 


  • By registering for this event you agree to engage in a respectful manner. Participants may be removed from the event if their words or actions violate this Code of Conduct.  
  • We will be discussing topics that are personal and sensitive. Keep in mind that everyone’s experiences are not the same and that everyone is at a different place in their learning journey. Remember to respect the privacy of other participants by zooming in a secure location and not repeating identifying information outside of the session without permission.
  • AANM aims to create an accessible and anti-oppressive space to learn, explore, take risks, and connect through art. With this in mind, we ask participants to engage respectfully and mindfully with each other and the facilitators. We welcome your feedback. If there is anything we could do to make your experience with us – whether it is onsite, offsite, or online – more accessible and comfortable, please let us know. Contact Jenel at or 204-336-2366 if you have questions, concerns, or access needs.


  • Successful registrants will receive a zoom link, confirmation of their access supports, and brief supplementary material to read or watch two weeks before the session.
  • Please speak slowly during discussions for the ease of ASL translation. If you speak too quickly, you will be gently reminded to slow down.
  • Feel free to eat/drink and/or to engage in art-or-craft-making while we chat. Visible pets are always welcome, even cats who want to show us their buttholes.
  • Keep your mic muted when you aren’t speaking.
  • Participants may keep their video on or off as they choose.
  • After the series, AANM will be providing summaries of the discussions on our website, based on transcription. Participants will not be identified by name. 
  • If you need to take a break, feel free to do so at any time and return when able.
  • For those who wish to remain online to decompress, un-facilitated space for aftercare will be provided for 30mins following the event. If you anticipate that you may be traumatically affected by the discussion and need more comprehensive help, we urge you to arrange that for yourself well ahead of time. A list of mental health services available in Canada can be accessed here:

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