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climate change

This is a poster advertising artist Marie LeBlanc’s show. The background photograph is monochromatic and abstract, in shades of gold, tan, and hazy rust. The focal point, slightly off-centre in the bottom left, is a glowing circle, possibly a sun. Reaching towards the light, or possibly radiating from it, are jumbled darker lines. These could be read as tree branches, but are too unfocussed to be defined for certain. The overall effect could also be read as an organic tunnel, with light at the end. Mid-level in bold two-tone contrasting text is Marie LeBlanc’s name. Below in bright yellow is the show title “The End of the End of Time”, and below that in white is the direction to “view show online at”. Along the right side of the poster in white print is the following: "LeBlanc's photography highlights humanity’s relationship to nature in a world threatened by pollution and climate change. As a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Marie explores the unnatural in the natural environment. Unable to tolerate the toxicities of indoor living, each winter she is compelled to relocate to the warmer climes of Southern USA… this work was inspired by the beautiful but threatened landscapes Marie experiences along the way.” On an olive-green banner spanning the lower portion of the poster, AANM’s mandate is written in cream text: “Arts AccessAbility Network hosts online shows each month exhibiting the work of Canadian artists with disabilities. AANM supports artistic excellence, promotes higher visibility these artists within all disciplines, and promotes policies and practices intended to make the arts more accessible to all.” Below that are the logos for AANM and Canada Council For The Arts.

The End of The End of Time – Marie LeBlanc

Marie LeBlanc’s video “The End of the End of Time” has been launched here May 12, 2022 to mark Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Sensitivities Awareness Day:….

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