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Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor celebrates many psychological, cognitive and neurological differences within her family. She developed neurological differences as a small child, and experiences anxiety, attentional, and other differences connected to trauma, which has allowed her unique connection and understanding to others. She says her children are her best teachers, and support her to learn about how each of us need additional support at different times in our lives.

Angela Taylor, Inspire’s Executive Director and Founder

Angela has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Post Bacc in Education, focusing on inclusion, and is completing a Masters Degree in Disability Studies. Certified as a Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting facilitator, and as a yoga instructor, she provides therapy through Aulneau Renewal Centre to support diverse community members. She has been providing support for nearly 20 years within mental health and social services, here in Winnipeg.

Angela Taylor, B.A., PBED, Masters of Disability Studies Student.
CEO (Founder) Inspire Community Outreach
Phone: 204-996-1547

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