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Angel Calnek

As many people know, being a physically or mentally challenged artist has its ups and downs, like riding a roller coaster.  Unfortunately, some times the roller coaster has a hard time getting up the hill to reap the thrill of the descent!

We seem to live for those thrills; it is the experience of those thrills that can often keep us moving forward or lift us out of the deep pit of despair.

In my life I have struggled to stay on the artistic path…slaying third-party doubts, overloads of single mom responsibilities, limits of financial distress, feelings of guilt and shame for following my muse. I’ve had to take baby steps instead of giant leaps because I didn’t have encouragement or support or money and couldn’t ask for it. I was so afraid I’d be laughed right out of the art world and shamed that I would even consider myself an artist.  I was trying to be all the right things to all those around me and never the right thing for myself, all the while managing chronic pain issues, recurring depression, injuries and their complications, less than satisfactory medical assistance and the never ending financial distress.

My work focuses on the things that bring joy and beauty to my life to balance the other end of the spectrum that dwells backstage.  I find beauty in all things nature, in the simplicity, complexity and connectivity of the world we live in, and in the souls of the innocent and outrageous personalities around us.  I find joy in creating that one voice of power, soul and connectivity when performing music with other artists. I dive deep into the otherworld when I create, whether it is my art or my music, connecting with a power that seems so unknown to me but familiar at the same time.

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