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Darla-Jean O’Rourke

“Lil Irish”, a heartwarming nom de plume for this Manitoba artist, said to have developed as an artist in Winnipeg. Lil Irish had the recognition of others that a writer were emerging, and luckily many a creative kind. She looks forward to painting a studio space in Winnipeg, creatively furnish too, soon, where she’ll complete writing projects, meet with new artists, and present the series in a variety of workshops ranging in topics, and for audiences creative as well as those who have discovered the Darlin’ Series to be a valuable addition to teachings at school.

Yes, children and anyone working with children will find these storybooks to be great while they too become empowered by stories expressed, so beautifully by a Lil Irish writer and a few wonderful illustrators close to “home”. This author possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and with many personal and professional experiences that has had her creating to assist in the prevention of bullying, a Lil Irish can engage in other speaking engagements that will share her story about what PTSD means to her. She will soon release a novel for adults, and is one contribution Lil Irish knows she must make as an artist and lover of humanity.

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