The CCF/FCMA’s 12th Annual National Craft Conference, Intersections & Interconnexions : Exploring Craft Sector Collaboration, is taking place September 13th & 14th at the Art Gallery of Burlington in Burlington, Ontario. Arts administrators, board members, committee members, and anyone with a keen interest in strengthening craft organizations and the connections that bind the community together are welcome to participate. Whether you represent a Craft Council, a Guild, an Educational Institution or otherwise, this conference is designed for you.


Hello Everyone,

As an emerging Artist and recent graduate of the University of Manitoba, I am participating in this conference/show, but as your Executive Director,  I will be sharing this educational opportunity with the Board of Directors upon my return.

It would be great to experience this national event with another Manitoban.  If you are planning to attend,  either as an Artist or representing an Arts Organization rural or urban, please feel free to contact via email.

Thank you,

Loricia Pacholko-Matheson